Join us for a memorable Family Heritage event spanning Poole Quay and extending across Poole Harbour.

Inspecting the Sea Boundaries of Poole Since 1364.




A Day Out For The Whole Family

The Quay will be bustling with activity from 11am onwards.

Enjoy live music, stalls, funfairs, entertainment and food and drinks.

Tickets for the Admiral’s Barge, the Purkbeck Pride are available.



A brief History

The Beating of the Bounds of Poole Harbour originated in 1364 with the Winchelsea Certificate, whose purpose was to verify the existence and correct placement of boundary markers, ensuring no encroachment on Poole’s waters. It affirmed the town’s maritime authority, essential for the Mayor, who presided over local Admiralty Courts.

In 1661, this ritual evolved into a festive public event, marked by 20 boats, drumming salutes and merriment …



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The Society for Poole aims to re-establish this ancient ceremony, unique to Poole, by creating the pageant, and a spectacular and fun event throughout the day on the Quay and across the harbour itself.